Ghar Maut

Session Log 5/22/2015

Why the 20' corridor is dangerous, and should be moved through quickly

The party started out near the Merking’s territory and decided to head north to see if they could discover where the werebear came from. They explored some rooms and were dismayed to find the rope that Blank tied to the door was missing. THey stared at the tapestry into which their recent companion had disappeared several days ago and decided to continue on.

Some searching in the room with “Winter Wonderland” got them nothing.

They had an encounter with a darkmantle that they handled easily, but realized that they should head out of the dungeon to rest and heal. This almost became their undoing.

Near the fountain, they spotted a hydra. Unfortunately, the hydra spotted them about the same time they saw it. Apparently their sneaking was no match for its 5 heads.

The battle was touch-and-go but eventually the party succeeded in dispatching it. Taq headed back to town to get healing potions while the rest of the party began to loot the hydra. They had not gotten further than prying off a two scales before they heard flapping in the distance.

Not thinking they could prevail again, well anything, they retreated again to the protection of the Merking. For the small cost of a few Hydra scales, he allowed them to stay and rest while they waited a day for their friend to return.

Return he did, everyone healed, and headed north to check out some new rooms. A new room with a cistern was interesting but ultimately unrewarding. So they headed through the stinky room and into a corridor. Past a few doors and a portcullis, they encountered a shadow. It was almost their undoing, but they finally banished it and retreated to the stinky room to lick their wounds and wait for their strength to return.



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