Ghar Maut

Session Record 3/13/2015

Amelia (Doug)
Blank (Tom)
Buzz (Pete)
Hart (Rob)
Heinrich (Mike)
Kruth (Rich)
Taq (Kevin)
Zoltan (Fisher)

The action starts with our heroes resting in the cavern approach to Ghar-Maut.

After catching their wind, resting for spells, and recovering their bravery, the party once again pried open the huge double doors and proceeded down the corridor into the heart of Ghar Maut.

They taunted the Hound Archon that was standing guard in the corridor and found that not only did he have no sense of humor, but he also packed quite a punch. Zoltan was singled out as one “Who shall not pass.” But after some skillful negotiations and a little grovelling, they all could once again pass.

They t raveled up to explore the 20’ corridor more fully. An empty room lead them to a room that reeked of manure. Heinrich discovered why when he tripped a trap that dropped him 10’ into scummy water infested with killed frogs. Unfortunately the trapdoor closed automatically on him. Several minutes of heavy pounding (and the strategic use of a pocket ram by Blank) allowed the party to free him before he became frog dinner.

The pocket ram came in handy more than once to open stuck doors.

In the room with the frog trap there was also the ghostly image of a paladin guarding what looked like a ghostly locked treasure door. Blank decided to investigate, but the chilling touch of the guard decided him that there was probably easier treasure elsewhere.

After resting in the room south of the 20’ corridor fountain, the party decided to try the rooms just to the west. The first of these had nothing except a stuck door to the south and a door that opened to the west into a room with ventilation grills in it and another door to the south.

Heading south, the party had the fight of its life against 4 Urgefhan. Several party members went down, but ultimately the group prevailed.



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