Ghar Maut

Session Record 4/3/15

Why Searching for Secret Doors is Dangerous

The party, consisting of

  • Buzz
  • Hart
  • Kruth
  • Amelia (with her tiger)

finished catching their breath on the doorstep of the dungeon and once again plunged back in. They traveled down the 20’ corridor, heading to the first rooms on the left.

Before they got there, they saw what appeared to be a golem or some other enchanted creature coming their way. They decided for once to use discretion, and ducked through the door into the room they were heading for. After some tense moments waiting while the golem tested the door, they could hear it move away and they could move on.

They worked their way through the room with webs and into a large room where they had fought Urdefhan several hours before. There was still one door that they hadn’t opened before.

That door opened into a 20′×30′ room that had no other obvious exit. Hart immediately set to work checking for secret doors while Buzz kept watch in the large room and the rest of the party whiled away time.

Buzz was surprised by two arrows that flew at him out of the darkness at the far end of the room, beyond where his torchlight reached. Before he could react, he was in fierce combat with two hobgoblins who had decided that a lone fighter was easy pickings. They made good account of themselves and sorely wounded Buzz. But as the rest of the party found angles of attack, the sheer weight of numbers worked against the Hobgoblins. When one of them dropped, the other tried to flee. He was dropped in his tracks.

The party searched the bodies and recovered a little money and equipment. They also realized that there was a hidden trapdoor in one end of the Urdefhan room, which they had not seen before. Remembering Heirich’s experience with the poison frogs, they opened it carefully, finding a sack with some valuable items (silver chess set, hand mirror and ivory bowl carved with animals).

They headed back to the main corridor, waiting for it to be clear of sound before stepping out. They wandered directly across the corridor to a complex of rooms. Heading north, they encountered a Steam Mephit that appeared to know they were coming (several noisy attempts to open the door probably had something to do with it). The Mephit had called help, and the room had a magical effect that slowed characters within it.

The party had a true fight on their hands, with characters sorely hurt before the original Mephiy abandoned its summoned companion and ran through the door the party originally entered. The last Mephit was finally dispatched and the party found a few coins. What started as disappointment at the meager horde turned into celebration when they realized that there were over 30 pieces of platinum there.

The party moved back out to the doorstep of the dungeon to heal and lick their wounds.



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