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This is near the city of Markas-Lut Kamal and has been lost for many years.

Markas-Lut Kamal

This city lies on a small stream northwest of the Mermist Marshes, and almost due west of the City State of the Invincible Overlord.

The city is walled and dominated by a citadel in the middle. At one point, the threat of invasion from the west was real and Markas-Lut Kamal was one of a series of fortified towns (including Foremost and Anguikan) that protected trade to the west.

More recently, it is a stopping-off place for traders and trappers who journey into the wilderness to the west.

One of the first things that a traveler to Markas-Lut Kamal will notice is the number of cats that occupy the city. They are everywhere, and protected thanks to the Temple of Cleal. Directions within the city may also seem strange because people will refer to north either in relation to actual north, or by treating where the stream enters the moat as north. The two differ by approximately 90 degrees, so it can be confusing for outsiders to guess which might be the reference.


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