House Rules and other stuff.



I’ve decided to go with Slow Advancement on experience points, for practical reasons: I think that I’m going to have to increase the general CR of encounters to ensure that players have challenges. That means that you’ll be getting experience at a higher rate than “planned.” I could just give less experience, but I think it’s better to follow the rules wherever I can. Let me know if the pace of advancement is too slow—I’ll do some adjusting. My goal isn’t to have everyone creep along, it’s to avoid constantly having to adjust things.



I checked the rules, and everyone is Flat-Footed until they can take their first action of the melee. If that first action is a hold, they are no longer flat-footed. Rule is clear on page 178 of the Core Rulebook.


These are rules that I’m looking at or have on my radar screen:

  • Using Spells for Sneak Attacks: As far as I can tell, the rules are not completely clear on this, although they lean toward allowing spells that require to-hit rolls to be used on sneak attacks. I may not go with that approach, depending on game balance.


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