Ghar Maut

Adventure Log 7/30/2015

This was a quick adventure, marked by Buzz’s unwillingness to sit around talking.


  • Heinrick
  • Hart
  • Zoltan
  • Taq
  • Amelia (with Christine)
  • Buzz

After avoiding (partially killing an partially running away from) a Cockroach Swarm, the party headed north to the 20’ intersection in the dungeon. Heading west they hit the first door and dealt with a party of Zombies. That room had a tapestry with a map of a few rooms of the dungeon.

Buzz got bored and hit the door to the north, bursting into a storm of falling leaves, that came from the ceiling and collected on the floor, without making a sound and without ever getting too deep.

While other contemplated the beauty of an autumn day, Buzz hit the iron reinforced door to the east (which did not give) and turned North again, where the door was more amenable.

That door showed a little nasty humanoid creature, which Buzz charged. It looked at Buzz, gave him the finger, then vanished. The wall had some lettering in white chalk that no one could decipher. Kruth carefully copied them down on a piece of parchment and the party ended for the night.



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