Ghar Maut

Session Record 2/27/2015

Character Creation and Dipping Into the Dungeon


  • Mike (Heinrich)
  • Rich (Kruth)
  • Doug (Amelia)
  • Fisher (Zoltan)
  • Rob (Hart)
  • Pete (Buzz)

The first order of business was character creation. I’ll have to spotlight the characters when I find my notes. We have a Cleric (healer), Wizard, Druid, Sorcerer, Rogue, and Fighter. A little light in the “meat shield” department, and very magic-heavy, but the additional players will likely even things out.

Play started when Penelope Grizold, a 15-year old daughter of the city with long dark red hair, went missing. Her bedroom window had been forced open and tracks indicated that she had been dragged by some king of humanoids toward the north — the rumored direction of Ghar-Maut dungeon.

Our trusty heroes immediately jumped into action to follow. Heading out the main gate, over the south river dam, they followed a goat path that they hoped would lead them to young Penelope. They only hoped that they would not be too late.

After scouting the woods and following tracks, they took up the trail again when they saw footprints in the fresh mud alongside a stream. Following that swollen steam up into the hills, where the sides of the stream became deeper and more steeply cut.

After a few hours travel they came on a place where the left bank had slid, partially blocking the stream and revealing the dark opening of a cave mouth.

Entering in, they were immediately confronted with the flickering image of a horned skull that spoke cryptic words to them then disappeared.

They found the cavern entry to be roughly circular, about 60’ across, with the far half raised about 10’ above the side they came in. A ramp along either wall gave access to the higher area, and the middle of the cavern was a rough pit that dropped further than they could see. On the far wall they saw 20’ wide double doors that had been broken off their hinges and propped back into position.

Coming up from the pit, they felt a damp wind, on which some characters could taste a trace of salt and others believed they could hear waves as if of a sea far off.

Before the characters could explore much, they were attacked by a Dark Creeper, which was dispatched will only minor injuries.

Opening the massive doors, the party came into a 20’ wide corridor that led off into the darkness. After traveling some 50’ along it, they came on an indented door on the right side which gave to a small room that housed a Dretch Demon. They party had more trouble dispatching this monster, but eventually destroyed it and took its treasure.

There the adventure ended.



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