Ghar Maut

08/21/2015 ADVENTURE

At last the Endless Stair...or not

The adventurers wandered into Ghar Maut, journeying to the north where the massive 20’ corridor turned into a T and started going east and west.

In the corridor heading north, they encountered a wandering beetle swarm. THey were able to avoid it by ducking into a nearby room, and listened while the swarm wandered on looking for more available prey.

Going through the rooms to the north, including the one with beautiful falling autumn leaves, they encountered a Grey Ooze. Quickly dispatching it, they took the 270 gold and 31 platinum pieces that were strewn on the floor, presumably from previous victims.

Circling around, they began to head south, encountering a magical room that had indecipherable runes scrawled in black ink on the walls. Feeling uneasy, the party continued to the south west.

The room to the southwest had a thin layer of water flowing along the floor that caused many in the party to lose 1 IQ for an indeterminable amount of time. Not wanting to see if the effect increased after more time in the water, the party continued to the South.

The South room had a group of surly, but not altogether antagonistic dwarves. After a little discussion and bargaining, the party paid the Dwarves to show them where the Endless Stair was.

The dwarves took them out to the 20’ corridor (Hereafter referred to as the “thoroughfare”) and about 200’ to the east, the endless stair begins.

The endless stair is a perfectly ordinary looking 15’ wide stone staircase that goes, as the dwarves indicated, “All the way to the bottom”. Looking down, the party could see doors coming off the staircase every do often as is dove straight into the depths.

The party followed it for a few 10s of feet before seeing Trolls coming up the stair. Using a rare amount of discretion, they second level characters decided to retreat back up to the first level of the dungeon.

They decided to head back to town, and encountered a Gargoyle on the Thoroughfare. It was a tough-fought battle, but a combination of enhanced kitty power, Buzz’ brawn, and lots of spells from the mages managed to bring it down.

Thus the session ended.



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